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Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

There are many ways to work out but having your own personal trainer definitely has some unique benefits. The gym can be great as you have all of the equipment to use but do you really know how to use it to reach your own personal goals? How many times have you been frustrated that the … Continue reading

Empty calories can add up!

Empty calories can add up! We love this article on the BBC website. It’s really important to consider your alcohol intake when trying to be healthy but also when you are trying to lose weight. Alcohol has no nutritional value so the calories are sometimes called “empty calories” but beware that with 7kcal per gram … Continue reading

Getting the right combination

So I have some clients who feel that their weight loss is not as rapid as they thought it would be. By paying for a personal trainer one may think that weight loss will miraculously occur, that we have some tricks of the trade or secret to quick fixes. Well the truth is that we … Continue reading