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Diets – weight loss or muscle gain? Get it right and never have to worry again.

Many weight loss diets are based on reduced calorie intake. As we know, taking in more calories than we expend will result in weight loss. This is FACT. However you must remember that to stay healthy your body must take in vital nutrients. Some diets will go as far as encouraging you to cut out whole food … Continue reading

Feel motivated but not getting results?

How are you getting on with the quest for a fitter healthier new you? Many have fallen by the wayside and at balanceforlife we want to help. Even if you feel you have the motivation but always find a great excuse to defend your lack of success don’t be put off. Results of a study published in … Continue reading

Water Bottle Weights?

Many of our clients want a way to begin resistance training at home. They have the motivation but lack the equipment.  If you want to save money on expensive weights then use old water bottles as a way to incorporate weight training into your home workout.    A 500ml bottle filled with standard tap water … Continue reading

Consider this before Monday comes around…. Your diet!

A diet is not a magical thing that you “go on” to lose weight. Your diet is actually the contents of food you eat through the day. Therefore – your diet is a lifestyle choice and should be considered carefully for overall health and long term benefits NOT A QUICK FIX. I urge all of … Continue reading

10 Tips for Weight Loss

Get your weight loss on track. 10 tips for you to help you get started and to help you stay motivated. 1              Planning is essential By planning ahead you will maximise your chances of success. If you plan your grocery shop then you won’t be tempted to add things you don’t need to your basket. … Continue reading

Protein Shakes?

It’s the weekend! Who’s squeezed in a quick gym session so they can feel good about going out on the town and unwinding with a few drinks? Remember life is about enjoying yourself but remember it’s also about balance and moderation so don’t let all your good effort go to waste. If you want to … Continue reading

Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

There are many ways to work out but having your own personal trainer definitely has some unique benefits. The gym can be great as you have all of the equipment to use but do you really know how to use it to reach your own personal goals? How many times have you been frustrated that the … Continue reading

The Mighty AJ

The Mighty AJ

AJ gives health & fitness the thumbs up.

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