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30 Day Challenge – Say NO in November

Too many of you have admitted to eating a lot of cake recently. You have also admitted to feeling fat…. well join the challenge to melt that fat and see if you can drop a dress size or more in November. Can you ditch the sugar from your diet for 30 days? Can you reduce … Continue reading

Protein Shakes?

It’s the weekend! Who’s squeezed in a quick gym session so they can feel good about going out on the town and unwinding with a few drinks? Remember life is about enjoying yourself but remember it’s also about balance and moderation so don’t let all your good effort go to waste. If you want to … Continue reading

Empty calories can add up!

Empty calories can add up! We love this article on the BBC website. It’s really important to consider your alcohol intake when trying to be healthy but also when you are trying to lose weight. Alcohol has no nutritional value so the calories are sometimes called “empty calories” but beware that with 7kcal per gram … Continue reading