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Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

I’ve been asked by many women recently if it is OK to exercise during pregnancy. My answer to this is not that it is OK but in most cases is absolutely beneficial and is one of the best ways to ensure that you can lose the bump after you give birth. Exercising as the baby … Continue reading

Loyalty Card Scheme in SE London

Loyalty Card Scheme in SE London   Click on the link and find your favourite shops and suppliers in the directory list and see what they are offering you. You can pick up your cards for FREE from Captured on the Rye https://twitter.com/CapturedRye or contact us on info@balanceforlife.co.uk        

Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

There are many ways to work out but having your own personal trainer definitely has some unique benefits. The gym can be great as you have all of the equipment to use but do you really know how to use it to reach your own personal goals? How many times have you been frustrated that the … Continue reading

The Mighty AJ

The Mighty AJ

AJ gives health & fitness the thumbs up.

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