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Countdown to FITMAS – Day 21


3 mile run followed by 15 press ups, 15 bridges and 1 minute plank.

  • If you are exercising outdoors, remember to wrap up warm as these days get colder. Check out some tips to help you survive exercise in the cold here and running through Winter here.


    If you want to run outside and are not sure how to plan a route or distance we recommend you try Map My Run. It’s easy to use and you can keep log of how you did so you can see your progress after future runs.

    15 Press Ups

  • Support your body on your hands and toes. With your arms straight, place your hands underneath your shoulders.
  • Keep your back straight and your core strong. Make sure your hips do not sag or your bum sticks up.
  • Bend the elbows and lower yourself until your chest is close to the floor.
  • ush yourself back up to the start position keeping the back straight and your core strong, then repeat.

15 Bridges

  • BridgeLie down flat on the floor.
  • Bring your feet towards your bum, keeping the feet and knees in line with the hips.
  • Contract the abs and squeeze the bum.
  • Now peel your pelvis form the floor and tip it towards the sky.
  • Keep the core muscles strong and push the pelvis up until you have a good line from shoulders through hips and knees.
  • Slowly return to the start position, then repeat.

1 min plank

  • PlankStart down on the floor on hands and knees.
  • Place your elbows directly under your shoulders with your palms facing upwards and your forearms parallel to each other.
  • Once your upper body is ‘set’ in this position, pull the tummy muscles tight and extend the legs out long so you are balanced on your toes.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and down, try not to push through your arms but hold the mid section strong and keep your body long.
  • Hold for 60 seconds.



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