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Countdown to FITMAS – Day 3


Repeat these exercises 5 times

20 Lunges

  • LungesStart in a standing position.
  • Take a step backwards (about twice the length of a normal step). You may feel a little wobbly at this point but you want to make sure there is enough space to lunge down.
  • Keep your body upright with the shoulders in line with the hips.
  • Drop your back knee down towards the floor, your front knee should come to a 90 degree bend. Make sure the front knee does not extend forward over the toes. Ideally your shin will be vertical.
  • Now push through the front leg to get back to your upright position, then repeat on the other leg.

10 Press Ups

  • PressUpsSupport your body on your hands and toes. With your arms straight, place your hands underneath your shoulders.
  • Keep your back straight and your core strong. Make sure your hips do not sag or your bum sticks up.
  • Bend the elbows and lower yourself until your chest is close to the floor.
  • Push yourself back up to the start position keeping the back straight and your core strong, then repeat.

Images sourced from POPSUGAR



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