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Todays top tip for training – Switch up the plan

Are you bored of training? Stopped seeing results? Find your workouts too easy? These are good signs that you need to change what you are doing. It’s easy to get stuck in the trap so try to plan in your changes so you can look forward to them.

FocusOnChangeA good way to challenge your body and progress is to change the exercises that you do. Many people stick to the same program for too long or they do the opposite and try to do something different every time. By sticking to the same exercises, your body adapts to the workout and stops reaping the benefits of those moves. As mentioned in yesterdays training tip, increasing the weight you use will enhance your results but this can only go on for so long and unless your goal is to be a weightlifter then just adding weight will not always help.

When you do the opposite and change the exercises that you do every time you train, you’re not giving your body enough time to master those moves and this then makes it difficult to progress even by adding more weight or simply completing more reps.

Depending on your experience it is a good idea to try to switch up your training plan on average every 6 weeks (as a general guide). This will give your body a good chance to get familiar with what you are doing and also challenge yourself to those heavier weights to make progress. You’ll benefit by becoming confident in your technique and will then welcome the change.

It’s also important to plan in some rest not only weekly but in between training plans to allow the body to recover and be ready for the new challenge. This may feel like an odd thing to do but when thinking long term your body will love you for it and trust us, it won’t put your progress back.

By keeping it fresh you’ll not get bored and you’ll learn new ways to work out.

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