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Todays top tip for training – Increase The Weight

Do you find your training program is not giving you the results you expect or are you finding your progress slowing down? If you’ve mastered your form and you can comfortably lift a weight for the full amount of prescribed reps, it might be time for you to increase the weight you are using.


It may seem obvious (but it’s a very common theme with a large proportion of our clients) and it’s one principle of training that many people forget. To become stronger or fitter you have to challenge your body and one of the best ways to do this is to increase the weight you are using. You may think of insanity as a tried and tested fitness craze but Albert Einstein claimed insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And he was right!

So, to get back on track, choose a weight which takes you about 2 reps short of your prescribed amount or which you struggle to complete. Once you can do all of the reps at this weight with good form then it’s time to increase the weight again. Depending on the exercise you are doing and the muscle you are using you can now ‘guestimate’ the increase and we’d suggest something between 2.5-5kg for upper body and 5-10kg for lower body. These represent total weight so if you are using dumbbells then remember to half that for each weight. 😉

Repeat this process each time you hit your plateau and you’ll soon start to see the benefits.

For help with your training plan or to book with one of our trainers please visit http://www.balanceforlife.co.uk for more information.



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