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Don’t make these workout mistakes

Gym crossfit woman working out doing push-ups strength training smiling happy during crossfit workout. Young mixed race fitness model training in fitness center.

Bad Form


Many people practice exercises with bad form because they are too embarrassed to ask for help. Not only is this ineffective, but it’s also dangerous, as you have a greater chance of injuring yourself. If you need help, try joining a gym. Ask a trainer for assistance; they’ll probably be more than happy to help you!

Relax - tired woman after sport

Thinking More is Better

Working out six to seven times a week may seem like the healthy thing to do, but you probably aren’t achieving maximum results. It’s important to give your muscles time to recover. If your body is overtraining, then you’re not going to see results.

Instead of heading to the gym every single day, shoot for three to five short, intense workouts a week.

Fitness sexy woman working out with free weights isolated on white

Lifting Too Little Slide

Many people believe that lifting a lighter weight for more repetitions will create better results, but that’s not true. Using a heavier weight for 8-12 reps will allow you to burn fat and build muscle much more effectively.

man doing bicep curl

Doing Too Many Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises only work one or a few muscles at a time, which is not an effective way to workout. By practicing compound exercises — exercises that target multiple muscle groups — you can get a better workout in a shorter amount of time, since they use more energy and boost your metabolism. A few common and simple examples of compound exercises are dumbbell lunges, deep squats, and lying floor leg raises with a crunch.

 Portrait of emotional girl looking upwards while speaking to her pretty friend in the gym

Taking Advice from an Unprofessional

It’s easy to seek fitness advice from your friends and family when you’re starting a new routine, but unless they’re trained professionals, what works for them might not work for you. Everyone is different, so it’s good to trust your instincts. If you absolutely hate the way running makes you feel, don’t do it. Find something else that works for you. If you are seeking advice, look for a trained professional in your area. You may have the best luck at a major fitness center.

Man eating hamburger over white

Not Eating Right Slide

If you think you can eat anything you want and expect that exercise alone will help you achieve the results you are looking for, you’ve been misinformed. For overall wellness, you should consume a diet balanced in proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Don’t make it a habit of driving through McDonald’s after your sweat sessions.

asian man cycling on exercise bike in gym

Doing the Same Workout All of the Time

If you continue to do the same workout day after day, your body will get used to it, and results will plateau. If you want to continue to see results, mix up your routine. If you usually run three times a week, try strength training, Zumba or spinning. Taking a break from an activity can be good because the next time you come back to it, it’ll be a challenge!

A small group of fit young woman lifting weights in a health club

Performing an Exercise Too Quickly

When it comes to working out, slow and controlled is better. When lifting weights, a general rule is one second up and three seconds down. There’s no need to rush through a workout, as it’s not as effective and can cause injury.

Jogging woman running in park in sunshine on beautiful summer day. Sport fitness model of mixed Asian / Caucasian ethnicity training outdoor for marathon.

Skipping the Stretch

Neglecting to stretch for at least a few minutes can lead to pain in your back, shoulders and neck, as well as joint injuries. Plan for five minutes of stretching after each of your workouts to prevent any problems.

Woman Running on Treadmill

Cardio Before Lifting

If you normally do cardio before lifting, you probably aren’t gaining maximum results in the gym. Always do resistance training before cardio, especially if your goal is building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Your body will be pushed to the limits during resistance training, which means you’ll continue to burn even more calories during your cardio session.

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