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Water Bottle Weights?

Many of our clients want a way to begin resistance training at home. They have the motivation but lack the equipment. 

If you want to save money on expensive weights then use old water bottles as a way to incorporate weight training into your home workout.


 A 500ml bottle filled with standard tap water weighs 500g (1/2 kilo). This is a great beginner weight and an easy size of bottle to keep hold of whilst you work out. Try some tricep extensions, or just hold onto these whilst jogging on the spot to add some work!

 1 Litre bottles filled with water weigh 1kg and should be easy to use for adding a light weight to most exercises. Bicep curls and shoulder press are easy to do. More challenging is the side arm raise which is a great toning exercis for your deltoids. See how long you can hold a T shape whilst gripping onto your old volvic sports cap bottle!

 When the time comes to increase weight or if you want to add a challenge to your squats or lifitng exercises get hold of a reusable wine carrier or sturdy bag for life from your local supermarket. You can easily add more weight each time.

We recommend you weight train 3 times per week and always give muscle groups at least one day of rest in between exercises. If you are looking to build strength and power use heavy weights you can only lift 4-6 times in sets of 3 to 5. For toning and endurance use lighter weights that you can handle for 12-15 reps over a number of sets. When increasing weight always do it gradually and in small increments.


If you want more advice or help with weight training then Contact us today to find out how w can help you reach your goals.


get fit – lose weight – be healthy – feel great…!



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