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So, how much body fat should I have?

Below you can see a chart depicting a range of body fat percentages for adults. Following on we have answered some common questions that come up in client consultations.

Why do the women’s scores read higher?

Women have more fat because of physiological differences such as hormones, breasts, and sexual organs. In addition, women need a higher amount of body fat for ovulation.

Why does the chart go up as we get older?

As we get older, there are physiological changes in our bodies so that our fat increases.

Where is this fat stored in my body?

There are 3 types of fat: subcutaneous (under the skin), visceral (around the organs), and intramuscular (in between muscle, like a marbled steak). The amount of subcutaneous body fat you have can stay the same, but the visceral and intramuscular fat increases as you age.

What is the minimum fat I need in my body?

“Essential fat” is the minimum amount of fat necessary for basic physical and physiological health. Fat is required for brain function and plays many other roles in the body including protecting our internal organs (our visceral fat) and providing transport for vitamins. The following figures represent a general range of healthy targets for different types of people:

Essential Body Fat – Minimum Required Fat

Women 8–12%               Men 3–5%


Women 14-20%              Men 6–13%


Women 21-24%              Men 14–17%


Women 25-31%              Men 18-25%

What is considered a bad amount of fat?

Women + 32%                 Men +25%+

If you would like more information, to book a consultation or find out about our nutrition workshops please contact us using the mail button at the top of the page, or alternatively you can email us on nutrition@balanceforlife.co.uk.



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