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Keep a Food Diary

Keeping a food diary can help to make you more aware of your eating and activity habits. This is a great way to control your weight and understand how you can improve your health or fitness levels.

The act of writing down everything you eat and drink and the activity that you perform on a daily basis forces you to think about and make a conscious decision about what you are putting in your body, and how healthy your lifestyle really is.

Many of our clients start with a very basic food diary and quickly become aware of what their problems are themselves without any further outside intervention.


Free evaluation

Try it yourself for 3 days. Write down everything you eat and drink, and how much exercise or activity you do. If you would like a free basic evaluation, send it to us at info@balanceforlife.co.uk and we will send you back your personal recommendations.

Further information

balanceforlife can help you to achieve your goals further by analysing a more in depth food diary to give clear information on the compositon of the foods you eat. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre and Water. We can get you on the road to reach your goals whatever they are.

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building
  • Energy levels
  • Hair/skin condition

Contact us for more information.



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