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Diets – weight loss or muscle gain? Get it right and never have to worry again.

Many weight loss diets are based on reduced calorie intake. As we know, taking in more calories than we expend will result in weight loss. This is FACT.

However you must remember that to stay healthy your body must take in vital nutrients. Some diets will go as far as encouraging you to cut out whole food groups and while this may result in a dramatic initial weight loss, it is not a sustainable solution to your problem. Not only will you find that when you get tired of the diet you may put on more weight than you started with, you will also find it is common that people on strict diets will often become ill or feel under the weather. This can lead to a vicious circle as when we are not feeling ourselves we will “come off” our diet and will not only feel bad for it, we will also eat all the wrong things, which puts you back at square 1.



Problems with diet can also affect the dream of building muscle mass. It’s not only FACT that we put on weight by eating more than we expend but to build muscle the combination of nutrients and the physical activity must also match what is required for the ultimate goal.


It is very important when changing your diet to ensure that your body is getting thefuel and nutrients that it needs. It is also important to ensure that you take part in physical activity. After all – when we choose to diet it is usually for the sole purpose of changing our body shape. By losing weight alone this cannot be achieved in a way that will make you look or feel healthy. Who wants to be proud of a weight loss only to look tired, saggy and unhealthy? By being physically active and dieting you will ensure that your weight loss is from fat and not muscle and that your skin and hair look great. You may find that the number on the scales is not going down as quickly as reported from some diet testimonials but we are all different and it’s your own choice to make sure your weight loss is healthy and a long term achievement – a quick fix is not going to make you happy in the long run. Sure, you may fit into a specific dress for your holiday or look great in your bikini on the beach but how will you feel when the weight piles back on and you cannot fit into the dress or feel embarrassed to bare all on the beach?

It’s much better to sustain a healthy weight loss and feel great about yourself and your achievements.


When trying to build muscle mass how often have you tried that new high protein diet only to find that you are plagued with niggles and symptoms of illness, or feeling unwell with cramps, nausea and even bad breath. And not only do you feel under the weather but you are not putting on muscle but instead are getting plumper around the middle or losing muscle definition you’d worked so hard to achieve?


At balanceforlife not only will you be recommended the best exercise prescription for you, but you will also be provided with the best nutritional support to help you reach your goals. Weight loss, weight gain and long term maintenance is generally 80% nutrition 20% physical so talk to us today to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

From personal consultations, meal plans, training plans, nutritional products, shopping lists, recipes and even online support there is something for everyone.

Call us on 07532168273 or email nutrition@balanceforlife.co.uk to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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