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10 Tips for Weight Loss

Get your weight loss on track. 10 tips for you to help you get started and to help you stay motivated.

1              Planning is essentialPlanAhead

By planning ahead you will maximise your chances of success. If you plan your grocery shop then you won’t be tempted to add things you don’t need to your basket. If you only have wholesome healthy foods at home then you’ll find it easier to stay on track. I always advise that your weakness should be something you have to ‘go to’ rather than have at home. Let’s face it. When you are craving that chocolate bar and insist that you ‘need’ it…  would you be prepared to take a trip to the shop to get it or would you manage to do without as you don’t have any at home? Planning lunches to take to work is also a great way to avoid the temptation to eat the wrong foods ‘on the go’.

2              Set goals

Decide why you are making this change and set yourself small goals which will lead to your ideal ‘big goal’. It is much easier to stay focussed and motivated when you cans see the small goals being ticked off rather than a huge journey ahead of you. Remember every journey starts with the first step and each step takes you closer to the end.

3              Record your progress

By recording what you eat and how you feel you can get a great understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. Nobody can remember everything they have eaten or done in a week so it’s great to keep on top of it. It will be easy for you to spot things that may be hampering your progress when you read through a diary. I have lost count of the number of times a client has said to me “I had no idea I ate out so many times in a month”.

SmallChangesFood4              Small changes

Don’t try to embark on a drastic change of eating habits. By making small manageable changes you will be more in control of what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember that many habits have been formed over a long period of time some as far back as childhood. How many of you habitually eat everything on your plate even though you are ‘stuffed’? Or feel that you ‘have to’ have a dessert just because you are ‘treating yourself’ at a restaurant? These habits take time to break and if you try to break them all at once you’ll struggle and won’t reach your goals.

5              Drink plenty of water

Water is essential to keep your body hydrated and is important for transporting vitamins and minerals around the blood. A good balance of water in the body helps to maintain concentration levels, keeps your energy levels high and aids in flushing out toxins.

6              Balanced meals

Always try to incorporate a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet. Well balanced meals help you to feel full through the day, give you enough energy and provide essential fats, vitamins and minerals.

7              Understand your calorie needsHarrisBenedictFormula

When you are looking to lose weight you need to understand how much energy your body needs to function on a daily basis. If you do not provide your body with enough energy then you will not reach your weight loss goals and it I likely that your metabolism will change and your body may start storing more fat! That is the last thing you want.

8              Don’t be too hard on yourself

We will always be our own worst critic but when it comes to weight loss try not to be too hard on yourself. Weight loss (like weight gain) is not an instant ‘fix’. Remember it takes time to make changes and always listen to others around you. When they say they notice a difference smile and accept the compliment and keep working hard towards your goals.

IntervalTraining9              Get active

By taking part in moderate exercise at least 3 times per week is a good start to maintaining a basic level of fitness. Up the effort level to 5 times per week and you will be more likely to tone your muscles and lose fat. Activity can increase your metabolism which is only good news for those wanting to lose weight as muscles require more energy to work and provide a sleeker physique over fat.

10           Enjoy!

Don’t treat your diet as a chore. Find a way to incorporate the foods you love. Find an activity you like to engage in to help burn a few more calories. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change so you can maintain the body you want. Remember once you have lost the weight if you go back to the old ways then you will just put it all back on. So I advise that you find things you like to do and ways you like to eat which work for you and make them part of your life.

Remember if you are finding it difficult to stay on your weight loss plan balanceforlife can help you by providing meal plans, training plans and one to one personal sessions for nutrition or fitness. Contact us for more info.





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