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Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

There are many ways to work out but having your own personal trainer definitely has some unique benefits.

The gym can be great as you have all of the equipment to use but do you really know how to use it to reach your own personal goals? How many times have you been frustrated that the equipment you want to use is not available? Many people don’t have the confidence to attend the gym.

Workout DVD’s are a good way to get in shape at home but how many times have you really watched it? And after a few months do you feel you are still progressing or have you hit a plateau?

Buying your own equipment seems convenient and fun but it is expensive. How many people use it for a month or realise it is taking up space and then it retires to the garage or is demoted to being a clothes rail? Working out with a friend is a great way to catch up but does this get in the way of obtaining real results?

Personal Training Benefits


Qualifications & Knowledge

A qualified personal trainer has knowledge of the body. It is not just a knowledge of muslces and how to work them, but how the skeleton is important in exercise, how the cardiovascular system works to make our heart and lungs stronger, and how what we eat can have an impact on how well we do. A personal trainers knowledge goes beyond “how to work out” and addresses all areas of the body to provide safe and effective fitness programmes.


Personalised & Individual Plans

There are a lot of factors to consider when embarking on a new fitness programme and a personal trainer knows how to take everything into consideration for your personal needs. We are not all the same and alone stop shop/cookie cutter type training programme is not going to benefit everybody in the same way. A personal trainer will advise the correct exercise for your individual needs. Not all individuals are perfectly healthy and may have specific medical concerns or injuries. A personal trainer can ensure that you are working safely and effectively regardless of your other health concerns or training goals

Expertise & Supervision

Not only will you be getting the best workout by using the services of a personal trainer but you will also have the expertise at hand to correct any movement or technique to ensure that you are getting maximum benefit from the exercise. How many of us have spent months on a training programme and realised that we are not really changing? Or have spent time away from working out due to constant injuries and niggles? This could simply be down to the choice of exercise or the intensity of the workout. A personal trainer will be able to provide the correct path for both your short and long term goals and this plan will always be provided in a safe and effective manner.



Motivation is key to progress and this is where the help of a personal trainer is invaluable. Most trainers have a passion for health and fitness so they will want to help you. There is no greater reward than seeing a person transform due to the help and support that they have been given by the personal trainer. Having a personal trainer will also take away a lot of the pressure on you to find new and interesting ways to keep fit – why worry about what to do when you have an expert to guide you every step of the way?


Nutrition & Diet

Personal trainers are clued up on nutrition, and many have extra qualifications in this field as it is very important to understand how the body fuels itself and how this fuel is used during exercise. Many people embark upon training to lose weight or tone up but find it difficult as they are just not eating the right foods. It’s not all about calorie counting and with the help of a personal trainer you can benefit from great advice on the best foods to eat and be sure that the recommendations are based on government guidelines for nutrient intake.







Personal trainers will take into account your lifestyle and help to incorporate a fitness regime into your life rather than around it. When exercise and health programmes are presented as “something extra to do” then it is very easy to make them a lower priority. By fitting them into your life it is more likely that you will succeed and usually you will be amazed at how little time you need to make noticeable changes. Many trainers will provide your training at home which means you spend less time travelling to the gym and they provide all the equipment you need so that you don’t have to worry about that either.



Having your own personal trainer is a great opportunity for you to learn about your body and how to plan your own programmes. A great investment is one which benefits you for life and using the services of a trainer for a few months to get yourself going is a great way to not only achieve your goals, but to take on board what you learn in order to carry on by yourself. Nobody ever said you had to keep your trainer for life! Sometimes we just need that spark to get going and having a personal trainer is the perfect solution.

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