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Rowing is good for Rugby

Rugby players have to train hard to achieve physical fitness on many levels. They must have power, strength, speed, agility and acceleration. ImageThey must have high levels of aerobic fitness for endurance yet be able to perform powerful or quick movements anaerobically many times over the duration of one game often with limited rest periods.


As with many sports where players perform a specific task, drills and repetitive movements in training are key to develop technical ability. This type of training allows the skill to be developed to a high level but also leaves the player open to injury through impact as smaller supporting muscles are not developed to the same standard.


The size and power of many of the players combined with the full contact nature of a rugby match means that the possibility of injury is high. One of the best ways to minimise the risk of injury in any sport is to include cross training. Cross training allows different muscles to be developed which support the prime movers and also offers the benefit of a break from the ‘usual routine’ which can also enhance any training programme on a psychological level.

One of the best ways to cross train for rugby is by using an indoor rower. Not only does the rower introduce a way to cross train to minimise chances of injury but it also provides one of the best ways to maintain Imageor increase both aerobic and anaerobic capacity which is essential for rugby training. Rugby requires strength in both upper and lower body and the indoor rower recruits all of the major muscle groups so by using it to cross train you are not ‘losing out’ on training. 3 short sessions per week can be enough to reap the rewards by using an indoor rower so it can fit in with your training without taking up much of your time.

If you’d like more information or advice on using an indoor rower to help with your rugby training then contact us today.




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