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Getting the right combination

So I have some clients who feel that their weight loss is not as rapid as they thought it would be. By paying for a personal trainer one may think that weight loss will miraculously occur, that we have some tricks of the trade or secret to quick fixes. Well the truth is that we don’t. And we despair at the number of quick fat loss adverts which exist on the internet, appear on our TV’s and sneak into our magazines. 


The right combination of diet & exercise

What personal trainers do have is KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE. We know what works and we know how to implement it. Weight loss is usually all about a lifestyle change. People have become too comfortable with getting slowly larger and fatter and don’t realise that this weight gain was achieved by a lifestyle change, and it didn’t happen overnight. It has been creeping up on you for months or even years. And YES… it was a change we enjoyed. Eating out more often, becoming lazy, enjoying booze fuelled weekends, and “treating” ourselves more often than we should. 

In order to reverse this weight gain a new way of life will have to be introduced once again. We must learn what our bodies need in order to shed the pounds and most importantly how to keep it off!

Nutrition Label

Turkey may be low fat but this bagel will give you a muffin top!

Just think about how much effort it takes to gain a stone – by eating 500-600 calorie extra per day you can easily put on a stone in 2 months. And it can be as simple as having a latte in the morning instead of your normal coffee and a take away sandwich for lunch instead of taking your own food in or choosing a healthy option.

Some pre-packed sandwiches can contain up to 600 calories alone and a latte up to 300!! Check out the nutrition label on the right.

So there you go – it’s EASY to put on weight… or rather – fat. Because I can assure you that if you wanted to put on a stone of muscle then that’s a whole different ball game and cannot be done simply by eating more.



So let’s look at how to lose this fat which was so easy to gain –

1 pound of fat. The equivalent of 3500 calories burned at the right intensity. There are 2.2 of these in a kilo – that takes 7700 calories of effort to burn off. To lose a stone you must burn 49,000 calories. The average woman will only burn 300-350 calories in an hour at the gym. That equates to 140-163 hours in the gym. If you only go to the gym 3 days per week this could add up to a whole year of working out to reach your goal.

Pound of fatPrefer to ‘diet’? Cut 500 calories per day from your diet and in 98 days you may achieve the same weight loss without much effort. However, weight loss through restricted calories doesn’t only burn fat or allow the body to maintain it’s metabolism and doesn’t promote muscle growth which means you may lose the weight but will not have that toned figure you were hoping for.

To get the best results and achieve them you must combine diet and exercise. And the best thing about this is that you usually get to eat a little more than you expected when you do it the right way. By providing your body with the right fuel for the right intensity of exercise you could lose that stone in less time AND look toned and healthy at the same time.

By investing in a personal trainer these results are achievable and long lasting. You have the motivation and support that is required to help you through the process of a lifestyle change. Not only will you get your goal but you’ll have fun along the way and realise what you are capable of and instead of concentrating on the same boring exercises every week, you will learn new ways to carry on achieving results so you’ll never get bored. You’ll certainly never get bored of seeing those changes to your body! That’s for sure. 🙂

If you are looking for a personal trainer in South London (or even Aberdeen) then contact us for more information.

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